Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

   Fogging System

With increased humidity and poor air quality in the environment, most of the industries and residents are looking out a kind of solutions that create an excellent indoor and outdoor air quality and reduce the mist level. To achieve this, proper fogging system is always right up at the top of the list. But the challenging part is deciding which system to use.

Don’t worry, as we are here to help you. At Cloud Tech, we specialize in producing excellent water fog for process cooling and environmental solutions. Businesses of every size are dependent on us for fogging system, dust and odor suppression, and the ideal air temperature. And we help them maximize the performance of workers, facilities and equipment alike by our cooling effects and getting control on the temperature. Using high-pressure fog atomization technology with excellent fogging effects, we are able to provide outstanding cooking effects, high pressure fogger, ultra-fine fog and less electricity consumption.

   Our Product Specification

  • Perfect for use in large warehouses
  • Provide workers with a productive environment to work in
  • Custom length and nozzle spacing options are available.
  • Nozzles are pre-threaded with risers and allow ease of installation in any location.
  • Best solution for managing humidity, temperature and air exchange levels.
  • It’s also ideal for dust suppression and odor control, pre-cooling, and more.
  • They work best in larger commercial/industrial buildings.
Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System
Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System

   Fogging System

Our fogging system is designed for both Industrial and residential clients like patios, open air restaurant, water bodies, swimming pools, terrace gardens, gardens, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities as well as construction sites.

Areas :
  • Open air restaurant
  • Patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Water bodies
  • Gardens
  • Terrace gardens

Scope of fogging system :
  • Pool Water features
  • Landscaping
  • Swimming pools
  • Outdoor cooling
  • Industrial cooling

Advantages :
  • Available with high pressure fogger
  • Efficient in creating ultra fine fog
  • Less electricity consuming