Dust Suppression System


Dust is generated during handling of material on industrial sites, which is hazardous for the people within the work area. Cloud Tech’s dust suppression system is a high-tech technical tool to control dust in applications. The system has been designed based on the industry demand. With our smart, custom-made and cost-effective solution, dust and contaminants can be controlled effectively.

How does our system work ?

At Cloud Tech, our experts use advanced air-atomizing nozzle that is designed to generate a very dry fog for removing dust particles from a variety of material handling and processing operations. Our systems use plain water and compressed air that at .018 gallons (of water) per nozzle per minute. If the situation is typical, then 0.05 grams of dust per cubic foot of airspace, which means 210 times more water particles than dust particles.

It’s a purely fine water fog which successfully draws and holds dust particles. By this way the little wetted dust particles turn to be very heavy and they can be removed easily. It’s a perfect solution for the work place and other environmentally sensitive areas. During the process, we only wet the dust, not the material. This results in very low water and power consumption, requiring no expensive chemicals or significant wetting of the product.

Why Cloud Tech?

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Improved indoor & outdoor climate
  • Easy and cost-effective installation
  • Reduction of wastage in production
  • Leading supplier of dust control systems
  • Removes mould, dust, virus and bacteria
  • Reduction of static electricity and dust
Dust Suppression System in India
Dust Suppression System

With Cloud Tech’s Dust Suppression System, you can also create cooler temperatures in hot, dry outdoor conditions and increase your work productivity. Key specifications of our system are: lightweight system, compact designed, cost-effective to operate, easy to set up (just in a few hours), reduces labor costs, and quickly provides a safer, more comfortable environment.